It’s a Knockout hosted by Full Swing Entertainment.    
Photo copyright belongs to Full Swing..

On the day of the Knockout….

What to wear and  bring  

Each team captain will need to bring the team entry form with all team members signatures for entry in to the Knockout.  

Please wear comfortable clothing, without any large belt buckles, sharp edges, or exposed buttons or zips (especially on the bottom area).  This is to ensure  the safety of other participants, and also to protect the equipment from damage.     

Do bring a spare pair of clothes and a towel as some of the events involve water and it is best to wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty.  

Please wear comfortable footwear, preferably trainers -­ no high heels will  be allowed during any event.  All shoes will need to be removed when  participating on inflatable events, make sure you have socks.  

Glasses are not allowed to be worn while on  the equipment  –  if you need to please wear contact lenses.    

Fancy dress

As long as costumes aren't restricting your movement or creating a trip hazard you are free to pick a fancy dress theme which will add craic to the event: a team of Marilyn Monroe's, Where's Wally's, Superheroes, Elvis's etc will make great photo opportunities for your team.  As long as you are comfortable and there are no large  belt  buckles,  sharp  edges,  or  exposed  buttons  or  zips  you are more than welcome to dress up.  If you decide not to we will supply coloured tutus to distinguish  teams.