It’s a Knockout hosted by Full Swing Entertainment.    
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Number of participants and event running time:

The recommended maximum number of teams is 18 with 10 players in each team, we would recommend 6 teams at the very minimum.  The price is the same so get as many players as possible to raise as much money as you can!

The length of time the Knockout will take depends on the number of teams but on average for 9 teams the event will last 2.5 hours and all participants will be playing games the whole event except the finale when the teams will take turns completing the relay race.  

If all 18 teams are playing the participants will be playing every other game so no long waits between games (5 to 10 minutes at the most).  The event will last 3.5 to 4 hours with the maximum 18 teams.


Fund Raising:

You can get each team member to pay per head to take part in the event which has a potential of earning a lot of much needed funds for your charity or group. Alternatively you can approach local businesses and ask them if they would like to submit a team for an “Its a Knockout” challenge for a bit of craic while supporting your charity - charities in the past have raised from £500 to £1000 per team so you can calculate the potential return.


What's included:

The price includes travel to your venue or the use of the YMCA pitches at Drumahoe, sound system, props, games, medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, trophy for the winning team, foam cannon & pit, £10M PL insurance, Access NI checked arena staff, risk assessment, all relevant PAT/ADIPs tests and a poster designed to advertise your event.